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Cleanup After Burglary at a Petaluma Luxury Beauty Store

It was 2 AM when the owners of a Petaluma luxury beauty store responded to a heads up alarm phone call they got from the security system installed in their store. Once they arrived on the scene they realized it was no false alarm, the glass on the right side of the double glass pane door to the shop was smashed and it was obvious the thieves rushed in, picked up whatever they could in a hurry and rushed back out leaving the store owners with glass scattered everywhere, some mess inside and no ability to lockup without leaving a gaping hole in the door in place of the lovely glass pane that was shattered.
What the store owners needed was someone who could respond immediately, arrive quickly, clean things up and solve the locking up issue at least temporarily until a new glass pane can be installed.
This is exactly what we at 911 provided them with.

The store owner’s call was received at our 24/7 manned dispatch at 02:30 AM, we got all the details we needed in order to come fully prepared and arrived on the scene at 03:00 AM. By 05:00 the glass debris was all cleared up, the inside of the store was tidy and ready for business. We securely fitted a sturdy, cut to size, plywood board were the glass pane that was smashed had been.

The owners were delighted, they could operate the store normally the next day and not lose business and they knew they will be able to lockup when time came and not have to keep someone there 24 hours a day until the new glass pane they had to order was ready and fitted in place.