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EQ3 Furniture store work

In the last week of December 2015, the business owner and operation manager were doing year end shopping in Bay Street, Emeryville CA.
As soon as the fire alarm was sound, they follow the fire fighters, and went to see if anybody need restoration help. The furniture store manager was worried about the store operation, and was happy to see that the services can start right away. Erez and Elad left the site to eat dinner in the shopping center, and the store manager called us as soon as the fire fighters left the store.

The first attempt was to board up the main door, and to extract the sprinkler water in the the second floor and office area.

The mitigation drying procedure took 3 days.

One month after the fire, the insurance pick up all the furniture and 911 Restoration clean the entire store with 15-20 employee per day.

The duct system was cleaned as well, and after painting the store was back in business

From the news on NBC : Kitchen Fire at Elephant Bar Restaurant in Emeryville Spreads to Nearby Furniture Store

EQ3 Board up work :

eq3 board up work 1

EQ3 Board up work 2

Water & Fire damage restoration :

water damage and fire work

water damage and fire work 2

water damage and fire work 3