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Fire Damage Restoration

911 Remediation 1-888-989-0911 is aware of the negative implications of losses sustained through fire disasters and the affects of smoke damage. Therefore, we put several emergency services in place for this purpose.



Fire / Smoke Damage Remediation

Our restoration skills include identification and reparation of damaged structures. Once there is fire or smoke damage, call 911 Remediation. The core of measures carried out by 911 Remediation in smoke and Fire Damage Restoration include:

Because fire damage usually leaves a destructive legacy in its wake, your structural properties are rendered unsafe and uninhabitable in the event of such fire incidents. This will no doubt add its toll on victims which will increase the loss already suffered. Furthermore, a different building could be hit by a fire disaster while its neighbors and their surrounding will have to endure consequences such as smoke. This passive, but dangerous fallout of the fire outbreak, is usually known as smoke damage and may simply be superficial. The poisonous air pollution caused by a smoke damages is as terrible as the destruction brought about by the fire. So if both cases occur, it is very important that our highly experienced and pragmatic restoration team can get in quickly to start the fire cleaning process. The equipment and materials 911 Remediation uses are Eco-friendly cleaning machineries such as specially made deodorizing organic tools and ozone generators. 911 Remediation is always ready to work with our client’s insurance company to see that bureaucracy is reduced as much as possible. We work round the clock to breeze through the necessary measures needed for complete fire damage restoration process in the San Francisco Bay areas. Services provided throughout the San Francisco,Oakland, Walnut Creek, San Jose areas. Keep our phone number 1-888-989-0911 for an emergency situation

  • Complete property fire damage restoration
  • Inspect and evaluate all damage to contents and structures
  • Immediate board up services
  • Fire cleaning
  • Remove acidic smoke and soot from surfaces followed by smoke damage