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Mold Symptoms and Treatment

Mold growth Symptoms

Regardless of the size of your home or office, we’ll do a great job to eliminate these unwanted sources of allergy.

911 Remediation 1-888-989-0911 is a nightmare for mold and mildew

Mold, fungi and mildew are all causative agents that harbor serious health and respiratory problems. They are classified as allergy inducing growths with symptoms that can lead to grave health problems. Examples are asthma and irritation when they are inhaled excessively or even in small amounts. Also, these agents have the potential of damaging home or office structures within a short period.

House mold can be found in places like steamy areas e.g. kitchen and bathroom, densely cramped storage, flooded places, damp & warm basements or spaces, plumbing spaces or leakages, poorly ventilated areas and humid outdoor environments. Some of the terrible symptoms of mold allergy are red, itchy and watery eyes, chronic cough, and migraine, breathing difficulty, frequent sneezing, rashes, tiredness, sinus /runny nose and nasal blockage.

All of these prompted 911 Remediation to embark on an awareness and remediation service which seeks to inform people of the dangers of these growths in our surroundings. It is often difficult to notice mold growth in your home or office as they can be seen in various forms especially with San Francisco’s type of weather. This is because they pose as allergens, irritants and harmful substances which can’t be easily seen at a glance without the use of laboratory aids and equipment.

911 Remediation helps to remove all forms of commercial and house mold formations from hidden and open areas where they lurk for relatively long periods; thereby causing health risks for occupants through touch or inhalation. From basements to bedrooms, cracks to corners, 911 Remediation’s Professional Cleanup Team will locate all mold and mildew growth wherever they were previously unknown. After the whole exercise, you can be sure of breathing not just fresh air, but the air of freedom from mold for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Once you begin to experience allergies in your body e.g. in your throat or nose or on your skin, it may be due to house mold or mildew. From the time you start feeling signs of these allergies, your first choice is to consult with your doctor/physician before alerting 911 Remediation to mop up the molds on your behalf. Our Visual Inspection is a service that measures the level of mold and moisture around the affected area.

911 Remediation has services providers throughout the San Francisco, Oakland, Walnut Creek, San Jose areas.

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