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Mold Testing San Francisco

Mold is a major cause of allergies, skin and lung irritation, constant sickness and poor health. Bad air quality in homes, offices and other indoor spaces often leads to gradual damage to areas such as woodwork, furniture materials, and window frames of building. This is due to accumulating mold, fungi, mildew and other harmful growth which are all preventable.

Mold Testing & Mold Inspection Services

911 Remediation 1-888-989-0911 offers San Francisco residents the opportunity to get a visual mold testing before the mold remediation. We conduct mold inspections by its certified professionals in San Francisco. Most times, if a visual mold inspection is performed by 911 Remediation, air and surface tests need to be performed inside a certified lab, to identify the types of mold present while classifying their levels of toxicity.

Mold Testing Tools

The Infrared camera – is a very important tool used to diagnose water leaks through walls, ceilings or roofs, floor cracks without destroying existing structures at the site. The infrared camera has the ability to identify dew points, showing places where there is mold growth.

The Moisture Meter – is used by 911 Remediation crew to measure walls and surfaces of floors or ceiling in order to detect high moisture levels; and also if there is a high possibility of Mold spreading through those areas.

A Boroscope – is a tool with a high resolution lens that gives visual images of water or mold stained places which are normally unreachable.

911 Remediation takes all the necessary actions with great accuracy and equal assurance for our growing list of satisfied customers. Remember, your health is wealth; and health is worth more than every dime you’ll spend to free your health from the mold menace.

911 Remediation has services providers throughout the San Francisco, Oakland, Walnut Creek, San Jose areas. Keep our phone number 1-888-989-0911 handy for any mold damage situation.