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Water Damage Treatment

Firstly, you must act fast! Water damage can lead to mildew and black mold infestation in only 48 hours. It is imperative that you get the damage restoration process moving as quickly as possible.

You must assess what, from your property can be restored and what is beyond repair. Going through your belongings can be a painful experience but it needs to be done to make sure you don’t hold onto anything that will become rotten, moldy and a health hazard later on.

You should never try to re plug-in you television or other electronic devices before a qualified electrician has evaluated whether it is safe to do so. Not using an electrician to ensure that your services are free from water damage can lead to electrocution or death!

If your property is still in the process of water removal you must wait until all moisture is extracted and humidity levels have returned to normal before you start putting your furniture back onto the affected areas. If you do this before your floors and carpets are completely free of water then the moisture could spread to your furniture, leading to further damage and mold.

You should always use a qualified professional when undertaking water damage restoration. If you try to do the work yourself, you may end up doing more damage or not extract all the water and this may cost you more money in the long run.

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